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Rocks and Minerals

Rocks and Mineral Samples

Rock and mineral specimens from my collection. Some of the pieces were purchased from dealers.

Aquamarine Mineral Sample

Beryl (Aquamarine)

Chemical formula Beryllium aluminum silicate (Be3Al2Si6O18)
Mohs Hardness 7.5-8.0
Specific Gravity 2.72
Luster Vitreous - Resinous
Cleavage Imperfect
Streak White
Crystal Hexagonal
Fracture Brittle. Produces small, conchoidal fragments.

Aquamarine is a blue variety of beryl. Other beryl varieties include morganite (pink), heliodor (greenish yellow), bixbite (red), emerald (green), and goshenite (colerless).

I found these specimens at the Brushy Creek Aquamarine Mine near Spruce Pines, North Carolina in May, 2009

Schorl Tourmaline Mineral Sample

Tourmaline (Schorl)

Mohs Hardness 7.0-7.5
Specific Gravity 3.06
Luster Vitreous
Cleavage None
Streak White
Crystal Hexagonal, with a rounded triangular cross section. Lengthwise striations.
Fracture Brittle. Produces small, conchoidal fragments.

Schorl is a variety of tourmaline. Other varieties include elbaite, indicolite, rubellite, and dravite.

I found these specimens at the Brushy Creek Aquamarine Mine near Spruce Pines, North Carolina in May, 2009

Corundum Mineral Sample

Corundum Mineral Sample

Corundum (Sapphire and Ruby)

Chemical formula Aluminium oxide (Al2O3)
Mohs Hardness 9.0
Specific Gravity 3.95-4.10

Composed of Aluminum oxide, sapphires come in a variety of colors and are some of the hardest natural substances. Red sapphires are known as rubies.

Varieties of corundum are valued as gemstones and for use as abrasives.

I found these samples near Franklin, North Carolina in May, 2009

Garnet Mineral Sample


Mohs Hardness 6.5 - 7.5
Specific Gravity 3.5 - 4.3

Some varieties of garnet are valued as gemstones and for use as abrasives.

I found these specimens in 2009 at the Brushy Creek Aquamarine Mine, located near Spruce Pine, NC.

Epidote Mineral Sample


Mohs Hardness 6-7
Specific Gravity 3.3-3.5

These pieces were found at the Caledonia Mine near Mass city, Michigan.

Calcite Mineral Sample


Chemical formula Calcium carbonate (CaCO3)
Mohs Hardness 3
Specific Gravity 2.71

This specimen was found at the Caledonia Mine near Mass city, Michigan.

Sample of Optical Calcite

Calcite (Optical)

Photo of a Gypsum Desert Rose


Chemical formula Hydrated calcium sulfate (CaSO4*2H2O)
Mohs Hardness 1.5-2
Specific Gravity 2.35

Feldspar Mineral Sample


I found this specimen in 2009 at the Brushy Creek Aquamarine Mine, located near Spruce Pine, NC.

Mica Sheet specimen

Mica Sheet

This sample measures 15cm wide and around 4cm thick.

I found this specimen in 2009 at the Brushy Creek Aquamarine Mine, located near Spruce Pine, NC.

Copper specimen


Chemical formula Copper (Cu)
Mohs Hardness 2.5-3
Specific Gravity 3.93

These pieces were found at the Caledonia Mine near Mass city, Michigan.

Pyrite specimen rock


Chemical formula Iron Sulfide (FeS2)
Mohs Hardness 6-6.5
Specific Gravity 5.0-5.2
Luster Metallic

Pyrite is sometimes called 'Fools Gold' because of its appearance.

Tourmaline and Feldspar specimen rock

Tourmaline, Feldspar and Quartz

I found this specimen in 2009 at the Brushy Creek Aquamarine Mine, located near Spruce Pine, NC.

Quartz Samples

Specimen of the mineral Quartz


Chemical formula Silicon dioxide (SiO2)
Mohs Hardness 7.0
Specific Gravity 2.65

SmokeyQuartz Mineral Sample

Smokey Quartz

Rose Quartz Mineral Sample

Rose Quartz

Amethyst Quartz Mineral Sample

Amethyst Quartz

Rock and Mineral Definitions

Cleavage The tendency of some minerals to break along certain planes.
Crystal Habit The shape in which individual crystals grow and the manner in which crystals grow together in aggregates.
Fracture The way in which a mineral breaks other than along planes of cleavage.
Hardness The resistance of a minerals surface to scratching. Can be evaluated using the Mohs scale of hardness (see right column).
Lava Magma flowing out of a volcano.
Luster The manner in which a mineral reflects light.
Magma Molten rock. Temperatures in the range of 700*c to 1300*c. Consists of silicon, oxygen and other minerals.
Mineral A naturally occurring, inorganic solid with a definite chemical composition and a crystalline structure.
opaque A material that blocks the passage of light.
Polymers Very large molecules.
Silicates Minerals that contain both Si and O.
Specific Gravity The weight of a substance relative to the weight of an equal volume of water.
Streak The color of a fine powder of a mineral. Scratch a mineral sample on a streak plate to make streak.
Translucent A material that permits the passage of light.
Twinning Two or more crystals that have grown together in a symmetrical manor.
Viscosity Resistance to flow.

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